Saturday, 20 December 2008

Team SA wins runner up prize in STI photo competition

And another prize won by Team SA 2008: Congratulations to Claire, Shafeeqah, Sakhekile and Valentino! This picture has won the team the runner up prize in the STI photo competition!

Great moment, great eye, fantastic shot, fantastic Camera!

Picture taken with the Canon Ixus 860 IS, partly sponsored by Orms Pro Photo Warehouse. Thanks again to Mike Ormrod for making this possible!

Tuesday, 02 December 2008

Cape Windjammers Programme Coordinator wins STI Sail Training Volunteer of the Year Award

Congratulations to Antje for having won the prestigious Sail Training International Sail Training Volunteer of the Year Award in her role as secretary of SASLA and Pprogamme coordinator of Cape Windjammers Education Trust. Says Nigel Rowe, chairman of Sail Training International: "Antje has spent an enormous amount of her personal time to promote sail-training in South Africa and has been the driving force behind making it possible for a group of young people to take part in the Tall Ships' Races 2007 and 2008, often working against considerable odds". The award weighs 15 kg (!!!) and needs to be shipped to South Africa, since Alvin, who received the award on Antje's behalf at the STI Conference in November could not hide it in his luggage. Says Antje: "This award came as a complete surprise, and I am very proud and honoured. However, my work would not have been possible without the hard work of the many other volunteers at SASLA and in particular Cape Windjammers. I hope that this award will help us to raise much more awareness for the benefits of sail-training in South Africa!"The picture features SASLA committee member Alvin Kushner when receiving the award at the STI International Confernce in Halifax, Cannada, November 2008. The award will be officially handed over to Antje at the SASLA public event in Arpril 2009.

Thursday, 02 October 2008

Meet Team SA members at the Boat Show 3-5 October 2008

For all of you who would like to hear all the stories of Team SA first hand - here is an excellent opportunity to do so: visit Cape Windjammers' stall at the International Boat Show from 3 to 5 October 2008 in Cape Town's International Convention Centre.

Team SA members will be at the stall on different days - if you would like to meet anyone in particular, or if you would like to meet memebrs of SASLA, the SOuth African Sail-training ofr Life-Skills Association, please write to Antje to find out
who you can meet on what day: At the show you can also watch slide shows, logbooks and movies from

Team SA 2008 and 2007 as well as from other local sail-trainig adventures locally. Even better you can also find out how you can enjoy sail-training on Tall Ships or Small Ships yourself!
You can find Cape Windjammers a
t stall P 23. To find out what else you can expect from the Boat Show this year click here to have a look at the Show's website.

Opening hours
Friday 3rd October: 10h00 to 20h00

Saturday 4th October: 10h00-18h00

Sunday 5th October: 10h00 to 16h00

Cape Windjammers stall is sponsored by the organizers of the show Impact Plus Trading CC. Many many thanks to Johnny Malherbe and Dana Whiting for this excellent opportunity!

Friday, 05 September 2008

Meet the winners of the Tall Ships’ Race 2008!

You probably gathered that Christian Radich has been the winner of the Leg 2 of the race from Bergen to Den Helder! Congratulations once again to captain and crew!

Even better news that
Christian Radich also is the winner of the overall race, including Leg 1 from Liverpool to Maloy! This ship is really fast and also has an excellent crew knowing how to make maximum use of its many sails so to make the ship fly over the ocean!

The beauty of the Tall Ship's Race is that it has many different categories to win, which are not only based on the speed of the ship. For an overview of all winners in all categories click here.

The biggest trophy to win as part of the Tall Ship's Race is the
Sail Training International Friendship Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the ship which, in the opinion of the captains and crews of all the ships taking part in the Tall Ship's Races 2008 series, has done most to promote international friendship and understanding. This year it was won by the only Arabian Tall Ship to participate in the Tall Ships' Race SHABAB OMAN! Congratulations! (see also log entry of 21.08.08)

Christian Radich - in a similar category - has won the Vicki Scott Memorial Award, which is awarded to the captain of the ship with the greatest number of nationalities on board - there have been 13 on the Christian Radich.

The experience of working together across national, cultural and language boundaries is indeed a unique one - even though South Africans are quite used to the many cultures and languages in their own country. On the last day of the race, after having said good bye to all Christian Radich crew members and already on the way home Sakhekile reflected on this topic. Read his log book entry...

23.08.2008: This is an entry to the journal made at Schipol International Airport, Amsterdam @ approximately 23.22 late night Friday.
Where should I start? I mean the day has been very though and stressful. Before the whole race started we were all anxious about being in a different environment. And for me and Valley it was our first time ever. So it was more than exiting and from the way we were acting everyone could see this - we were at every single preparation meeting and were very keen to go through each and every step of the project. Fortunately we achieved our first goal, which was to get to the Tall Ships Race, that means to qualify and fulfill all the requirements. And there were a lot of hurdles to take.
And the other goals were to get on a Tall Ship and sail away across the wild, wide European Seas, create relationships and discover many realities when it comes to us mankind. Before it slips my mind, let me mention this: yesterday afternoon we (the Christian Radich crew) won one another of the most important awards of the Tall Ships' Race competitions. This award is given to the ship with the most nationalities on one vessel working together, learning and having fun. At the beginning I said the day was though and stressing and I bet I didn't say anything about that, I just went on to tell you what we have gotten up to. After all that being at the same spot (on the ship), and sharing with one another, sharing our backgrounds, or experiences and bits and pieces of our personalities, we made a lot discoveries. One discovery that stood out for me was the fact that we as humans we are more similar than different. What usally creates the distance and differences are the tangible things, which were all made by mankind - they were not created by nature and the gods above!! Now after having all that fun, learning and teaching, we have to say good bye. We cannot tell the future, we can only predict. Who knows if we will able to shake each other hands again.

Sakhe the Profakt - signing out
" we can never go nowhere, unless we share with each other" - 2PAC, Thug-Life

Monday, 25 August 2008

TEAM SA back in the Mother City ...

Its been a long journey … Saturday, 23.08.08, at 21:27 pm Team SA landed in their home town … - and how was it?? What happened? That’s what we all want to know! All we do know at this stage is that their eyes were sparkling with pride, excitement and joy when greeting their families at the airport last night. …

… the return of Team SA to Cape Town is not the end of the project – but rather the beginning of the next step: On Sunday the follow up program starts, as part of which Team SA will reflect upon the Tall Ships’ Race and upon ways to use this experience for life. Team members will also support Cape Windjammers in editing photos, videos, and log entries which we will use to report back to all supporters. So, everyone, who is waiting on photos from Team SA, please be a little patient - we will start working on this on Sunday.

Team members will also pull their share to give back to SASLA, and to make this experience possible for other South African youths in the future. A number of activities are planned for this – so watch this space to be updated … from now on we will update this log once a week.

Speak to you soon with more stories from Team SA!


PS: Congratulations to Sakhe and his family: after more than two years of temporary housing they finally got the keys to their new house in Delft! - What a great suprise for Sakhe - his return to Cape Town could not have started better!

Friday, 22 August 2008

A million stories later ....

Date 22:08:08 Time 1o:17 GMT
The race comes to an end … and Team SA is about to head home – this time with millions of stories in their luggage … we cannot wait to hear it all …
Tonight the team will have the chance to sleep on Canadian Tall Ship Picton Castle, which many of you might remember from its previous visits to Cape Town.
Tomorrow night, at 21:35 pm Team SA will land in the Mother City! You want to welcome them back home? Join us at the International Arrivals Terminal!
See you there

Shabab Oman wins prestigious Friendship Trophy

Date 21/08/08Time 16:17 GMT
The Omani ship Shabab Oman won the prestigious Sail Training International Friendship Trophy today at the final prize giving for The Tall Ships' Races.
The Queen’s Commissioner...
to read full story click here

Royal presence at the Opening Ceremony and Captains Dinner

Date: 21:08:08 Time: 08:16 GMT
His Highness Prins Maurits of Oranje-Nassau van Vollenhoven together with the Princess Marilene of Oranje-Nassau brought some glamour to The Tall Ships' Races in Den Helder yesterday when they attended both the Opening Ceremony and the Captains' Dinner.
The Opening Ceremony drew a large crowd in front of the stage where the Prince and Princess joined Mayor Hulman of Den Helder and other local dignitories to watch a singer and orchestra. Mayor Hulman then welcomed the Captains and their ships to Den Helder and thanked them for bringing their vessels to the port for the biggest event that the city has ever seen.

to read the full story click here

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Majority of vessels now in Den Helder with remainder due tomorrow

Date 20/08/08 Time 15:54 GMT
The majority of the 65 vessels that will be in Den Helder for the final four days of The Tall Ships' Races have now arrived.
To read full story click here

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Youngsters from Bermuda want to repeat their experience across the Atlantic

Date 20:08:08 Time 13:38 GMT
The experience of sailing on a Tall Ship has so inspired four youngsters from Bermuda that all of them would love to repeat the experience. Not only would they like to sail again on a Tall Ship but they've set their sights on taking part in the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge next year and crossing the Atlantic to sail into Bermuda.
To read their story click here

Fleet start to arrive in Den Helder

Date 19/08/08Time 21:02 GMT
The fleet of The Tall Ships' Races started to arrive in Den Helder today with Cuauhtemoc (Mexico) and the provisional winner,Christian Radich (Norway), among the first. A number of the smaller Class C and D vessels also arrived into the small basin in front of the Naval Academy, including many of the provisional winners of their classes, which finished the race a few days ago.
To read full story click here

Team South Africa gets special feature on STI website

Team Sa has been interviewed by Sail Training International's Media +Public Relations Manager Corinne Hitching
Their interview is a special feature on the STI website.
And this is how it goes..
Date: 19:08:08 Time: 14:27 GMT
Four young people from Cape Town, South Africa, have just enjoyed an experience they say they will never forget. Valentino Scholtz, 17, Sakhekile Qoyi, 18, Shafeeqah Salie, 25 and Claire Bouah, 25, all earned the chance to sail on Christian Radich thanks to the South African Sail-Training for Life-Skills Development Association (SASLA). SASLA promotes and assists the provision of opportunities for training under sail to youth and adults to foster the development of sustainable life skills, constructive citizenship and the art of seamanship.
The four joined the ship in Bergen knowing nothing about tall ships and ....

please read full story here

Race Update 12: Race time limit reached - provisional results available

Date: 18:08:08 Time: 21:01 GMT
The race time limit was reached today at 1200 hrs GMT for Class A, 1230 hrs for Class B, 1245 hrs for Class C and 1300 hrs for Class D, which means all vessels are deemed to have finished regardless of whether they have crossed the finish line or not.
To check provisional results click here

Monday, 18 August 2008

Race Update 11: Race time limit brought forward to assist back markers

Date 18:08:08 Time 08:21 GMT
The race time limit has been brought forward to 1200 hrs GMT today (for Class A), 1230 hrs (Class B), 1245 hrs (Class C) and 1300 hrs (Class D) in order to allow sufficient time for the back markers to make it to Den Helder in time for the final four days of festivities which start on 20 August.
To read more click here

Race Update 10: More vessels cross finish line

Date: 17:08:08 Time: 19:42 GMT
A total of 15 vessels have now crossed the finish line with more expected overnight. Overall on corrected time, Christian Radich (Norway) with Team SA on board, remains in first place with Jolie Brise (UK) in second and now Sørlandet (Norway) in third. In Class A on corrected time, Christian Radich leads with Sørlandet in second place and Mir (Russia) in third. However, as there are more vessels yet to finish, this positions may still change.

To read full story click here

Race Update 9: Leaders hold steady as Akela takes line honours

Date: 17:08:08 Time: 09:14 GMT
The leaders in this second race of the series have remained unchanged overnight, while a number of vessels have crossed the finish line, with Akela (Russia) taking line honours.
Team SA on Christian Radich (Norway) remains in the lead overall on corrected time!

To read the full story click here

Breaking news: Clyde Challenger crew evacuated after leak causes flooding

Date: 17:08:08 Time: 08:10
All 13 crew members of the Clyde Challenger, one of the vessels taking part in The Tall Ships’ Races 2008, were rescued overnight from their stricken vessel in the North Sea. All are safe and well. The 18m cutter was competing in final leg of the race series, from Bergen (Norway) to Den Helder (Netherlands). She reported taking on water last night and issued a Mayday call at around 2150 hours.
Two search and rescue (SAR) helicopters were dispatched by the Humber Coastguard (UK) who coordinated the rescue with the race organisers, Sail Training International. The crew of the Clyde Challenger were taken on board another competitor in the Race series, the TS Loyal, in less than an hour after the Mayday. They were later transferred to the KV Andenes, a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel.

To read the full story click here

Race Update 8: Christian Radich hangs on to lead but southerly winds slow pace

Date: 16:08:08 20:04 GMT
Team SA on Christian Radich (Norway) is holding on to her lead overall on corrected time, but has been overtaken on the water by a number of the smaller vessels favoured by the southerly winds. Behind her overall is now the Class B Jolie Brise (UK), clearly intent on taking a second title, with Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) in third place.
To read the full story click here

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Race Update 7: Weather starts to favour smaller vessels as winds set to increase

Date 16:08:08 09:01 GMT
The lighter winds have begun to benefit the smaller vessels with the Class C vessel Esprit (Germany) now in the lead on the water. Team SA on Christian Radich (Norway) and Mir (Russia) are however close behind as are the yachts Akela (Russia), Antwerp Flyer (Belgium) and Rona II (UK) leaving the race for line honours still wide open.

To read the full story click here

Race Update 6:Exciting Race but still no e-mail from Team SA!

Date: 15:08:08 19:57 GMT
Race Update 6: Three vessels fight for the lead as wind turns south.
Unfortunately modern electronics do not work as planned and we still can't receive Team SA's Log entries. But we work on it and soon you will be able to read all about their adventures during the race! In the meantime follow the STI updates of the race.

Christian Radich (Norway) with Team SA on board is holding onto her lead overall on corrected time although Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) is making a strong come back attack and closing the gap between them. In third place overall and in Class A is the Brazilian Cisne Branco which has been keeping pace with the leaders since the beginning of the race on Tuesday.
to read the full story click here

Friday, 15 August 2008

Race Update 5: Christian Radich holds onto her lead as winds lessen

Date 15:08:08 08:23 GMT
The winds have decreased in strength and are variable which has slowed the progress of the fleet considerably. The forecast is however for the winds to increase in strength but go to the south east over the next couple of days. Despite the lessening winds, Christian Radich (Norway) with Team SA on bord has held onto her lead overall on corrected time with Cisne Branco (Brazil) in second and Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) back up into third place.

To read the full story click

Race Update 4: Team SA in the lead!

Date 14:08:08Time 20:04 GMT
The competition is beginning to heat up as the vessels pass the first waypoint and head south. The wind has also veered to a more southerly direction which is slowing the square rigged ships and meaning more tactics will come into play. Christian Radich (Norway)with Team SA on board has now taken up the lead overall on corrected time as well as in Class A. Behind her is Alexander von Humboldt (Germany) with Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) now in third.
to read the full story click

Race update 3: Statsraad Lehmkuhl remains in the lead!

14.8.08 10:23 GMT Statsraad Lehmkuhl remains in the lead!
The Class A ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) remains in the lead overall on corrected time with Christian Radich (Norway) close behind in second and Cisne Branco (Brazil) in third. These three look set to battle it out between them for the honour of winning the race and their class.
Team Sa on Christian Radich still in third place but....
To read the full story click here

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Race Update 2: A battle between two Norwegian rivals hots up!

Hi there!
We got a message from the Christian Radich! Chris, one of the mentors on baord told us that just for a few minutes they were within signal range of Aberdeen ... so far the ship has not had easy internet access due to the fact that the sails are blocking the signal - this will change when they tack!

That means that the log entries from our Team SA will still come!

In the meantime here the latest race news:

13.8.08 22:08 GMT A battle between to Norwegian rivals hots up!
Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway) was holding on to her lead overall on corrected time with Norwegian rival Christian Radich still hot on her heels in second place.......

to read the full story click here

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Race Update 1: Statsraad Lehmkuhl takes an early lead

13.8.08 8:59 GMT Statsraad Lehmkuhl takes an early lead - Christian Radich in second position!

The Norwegian Class A ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl has taken an early lead on corrected time in the second leg of the Tall Ships's Races 2008. At the 6:00 am GMT position report she was in the lead both in her class and overall with Norwegian rival Christian Radich in second place and Morgenster (Netherlands) in third place.

The northerly winds that finally helped the fleet accros the start has increased slightly and ... click here to read the full story ...

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The fleet crosses the start line ...

12.8.08 23:26 GMT Fleet crosses the start line as the sun sets

The Tall Ships' Race fleet finally crossed the start line after a two hour delay because of a lack of wind! As the hour approached ... click here to read the full story ...

The Race starts with a Parade of Sails!

It seems that there is a bit of load shedding going on in Bergen as well, or there is a problem with the internet connection of the ship ... we are not 100% sure what the matter is, but so far Team SA has not been able to send their log entry to us ... we trust they will be able to sort out the problem over the next few days. So long we update you with the latest news about the race as recorded by Sail Training International the organizers of this unique event!

What a beautiful sight ... wish I was there ...


12.08.08 13:44 GMT The Tall Ships' Races Fleet leave Bergen in Parade of Sail

Bergen's own Tall Ship, Stadsraad Lehmkuhl led the parade of Sails out of Bergen today after 4 days of festive activities. From 8 am this morning ... click here to read the full story on the Sail Training International website.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Team SA arrived in Bergen

Hello there!

Team SA has arrived in Bergen ... late in the evening. They had a good flight and made the connections in Amsterdam. In Bergen they made their way their way to the harbour where they were welcomed by the Christian Radich and alocated to their bunks and watches on board. Late in the evening they went to the Crew Centre located in the Vikinghallen, from where they sent us a quick message to say all is good and well, and extremely exciting! Tomorrow they will start their day with the Parade of ships participating in the race and later in the day the race will start ... good luck to the Christian Radich and of course Team SA. Make South Africa proud!

Team SA casts off – our sincerest thanks to all TEAM SA Sponsors!

Last night 23:25 pm … the big moment has come – Team SA casts off for the Tall Ship’s Race!

Family, friends and representatives from participating organisations gathered to wave good bye to Team SA 2008, on their way to Bergen Norway, where they embark famous Norwegian Tall Ship Christian Radich. The vibrancy of excitement and nervousness, mixed with some tears in some mum’s eyes, made the right background for a touching farewell.
Time to thank the many individuals, organisations and companies, who have come on board to sponsor Team SA 2008 and made this project possible!
We are honoured by your willingness to give and share … and we would like to congratulate you! Good choice for your investment into South Africa! Claire, Shafeeqah, Sakhekile and Valentino are four promising young leaders, working hard on their skills to face the many challenges of this country. With your support you allow team members a life-changing experience and the opportunity to further grow and give back to their communities!

WACTH THIS SPACE TO FOLLOW THEIR JOURNEY: TEAM SA WILL UPDATE THIS BLOG ON A DAILY BASIS (if there is no load shedding on the other side of this world :) )

For their generous financial support many thanks to:

Sail Training International
Anonymous sponsor from the UK

Jewish Maritime League South Africa

Pennypinchers Longbeach

Trinity Project International
Christel House SA
Judi Tucker, Peter and Lynne Tucker, Sigrun Kabutz, Bettina Kabutz, Mike de Pauw, Nicolas Theopold, Ian Gelderboom, Sanna Räisänen, Tania Vollperg, Friederike Subklev, Claudia Batschari, Richard Boom and Mr or Ms Anonymous!

For their donations in kind that helped us to keep the overall budget down many thanks to:

Alvin Kushner from Cape Rainbow Tours for the bus, petrol and driver for visiting Team SA home communities
Mike Ormrod of ORMS PRO PHOTO WAREHOUSE for partial sponsorship of a digital camera with water case
Dan Moreland, Captain of Canadian Barque Picton Castle for offering free accommodation for the last night in Den Helder
For stunning equipment for all team members, including
track suits, fleece waist coasts, long sleeve sport shirts, short sleeve shirts, small sport bags, beanies and scarves for the cold nights on watch, as well as wrist watches to never be late on duty we would like to thank:

Anthony Weinberg from New Balance South Africa, Morne Strydom from First Ascent; Marlene Coetzee George and Prudence Hendricks from the Sport Science Institute & Laureus Sports Foundation; Mrs. Gaironesa Diedericks from the Diedericks Fund, Alice Sinnett (private) and Brett van Eyssen from Aquarius Embroidery.

Most of all, very special thanks to Ruben Coetzee from the Chrysalis Academy, who inspired the above people, companies and organizations to contribute to the stunning equipment for TEAM SA! What a sterling job you did! Team SA takes a deep bow and will proudly present the team wear on all occasions!

Saturday, 09 August 2008

One more night to go ...

Cape Windjammers Offices, 9 August 2008, 4:15 pm

Today is our last team meeting before we depart. Its a bit overwhelming! We are excited even a bit nervous. Antje has done a great job in managing the project! We are also lucky to get more sponsors in New Balance, First Ascent, the Sports Science Institute and Laureus Sports Foundation, Diedericks Funds, Aquarius Embroidery and Chrysalis Academy who have put their hands together to equip us with stunning team wear! We have spent the morning going through the programme for the coming days - very packed.
I hope that all goes well that we gain as much from this programme, represent SA and are able to give back to community.... Thank you to all those who have contributed to this project! Team SA thanks you!

Today is Woman’s Day!
Yippie! This is so exciting!! Today was our last meeting and it is the final preparation for the big day tomorrow.
When I arrived it was like Christmas … today we received a cool rugsack each filled with goodies … scarf, beanies, tracksuit, shirts, waist coast, watch etc …! We were discussing the itenary for the travel, our responsibilities, plans for our trip and Shafi learnt how to use the XO laptop today.
I am soo excited! Plus!! Ruben from Chrysalis Academy who helped us to get our team wear, gave us a very good motivational speech and now I feel that we are really heroes, because he called us role models for SA youth!

Sunday, 03 August 2008

Almost there ...

Saturday 2 August, Cape Windjammers Offices, Woodstock

Today, we discussed more preparations for our trip to the Tall Ships’ Races. YEAH! Unfortunately Shafeeqah could not be here, but we still managed to get our things together. And since we are a team, we backed up for Shafeeqah today and will brief her about all our actions today. Our Visas have been approved, so our main concern right now is that we get all the flight and bus connections so we will be on board in time and not miss the race …

It still hasn’t sunken in yet for me that we are going …

The exciting part was learning to use our new XO Mini Laptops, sponsored by the One Laptop Per Child Project. Click here to find out more about this project. Only 3 projects in South Africa were selected to be part of Phase 1 of the testing phase of this very new tool. And Cape Windjammers was one of the few lucky! The laptops will help us to write a daily log. If all the inter connections on board work, you will be able to read our daily log on this blog. So keep watching!

And more good news today! New Balance sponsors track suits for TEAM SA and the company Watersign is sponsoring the embroidery for the TEAM SA label! That’s fantastic! Thank you so much! Many many thanks also to Ruben Coetzee for facilitating this! You are a star! Watch this space to see us in our team wear!

Claire – signing out

Saturday, 02 August 2008

A dream comes true

My people. It's Valentino. The 30th of July was like a dream come true. I was on television and interviewed on the live show Hectic nine-9. Do you know what that means for a young man of my CALIBER? I was there at the studio as a representative for the Tall Ships Race team, together with Lona and Nadine, who were on a local sail-training voyage in June. We were joined by Alex from the great organization Cape Windjammers. When I met the presenters of the show, they greeted me with my name - and I did not even know them - - I felt very welcome. I felt like I am at a place where I was born to be. Maybe one day I will be there to do the real thing - you never know what can happen in the future. I went through all that procedure that a professional has to go through for getting ready for the show: we git the make up and we had to run through what we will say. And when it came to the live show, the presenter asked me the questions, and I just started speaking as if I am in the business for a long time. Thanks to everybody who watched the show out there! I'll leave you with these words - GOD COMES TO ThOSE WHO WAIT.
Valley- signing out

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

30. July 2008: Team SA Member Valentino on TV

You want to see Team SA member Valentino in action? Switch on to SABC 2 between 2:30 and 4 pm today, 30 July! He will be there together with Alex, sail trainer at Cape Windjammers, as well as Nadine and Lona, who were part of a recent local sail-training voyage with Cape Windjammers and would like to apply for the Tall Ships' Race project next year.
Don't miss it!


Getting all the work done!

26.7.2008, Cape Windjammers' Woodstock Offices: All my fans

The great team South Africa 2008 got the job done. We did our application for the Visa and we are ready to take it in this week. We are hoping for the best.

This Saturday we practiced our moves, what we will show the world. We looked at all the pictures that we took. This team has a positive influence on everyone. Just wait and C.

Valley – signing out

After having visited the home communities of team members last week, exploring where each team member started his or her voyage to the Tall Ships’ Race, today was again time to look into the future and to focus on preparations for the Race itself. Most importantly of all, all team members put together all the necessary documentation to received their Visa for the Netherlands. The team also started to manage the pictures that they have taken so far and put together pictures, as well as South African music and South African literature to be taken aboard the Chistian Radich to tease the taste buds of the international youths on board for a visit to South Africa. Much action and swinging floors accompanied the team’s practice of their contribution to a singing and dance competition on board. Hope the deck of the Christian Radich is more solid than the wooden floors at our office!


Saturday, 19 July 2008

All over the Show in KAPSTAD!

It is July 19th 2008, just after MADIBA’s birthday!

We met at Cape Windjammers offices at 9:30 am. The main concern for the day was to go into each others communities and find out about each others backgrounds so that we can understand one another.

We were joined by our bus driver Zuki from Cape Rainbow Tours who was driving us around “Die Kaap”, as well as Dennis, Cape Windjammers president, who – besides Team SA members took video footage of our tour. The Team SA crew comes from different parts of Cape Tw: we went to Fish Hoeck, Bo-Kaap and District Six, Lotus River and Gugulethu. (where I grew up and lived until two years ago). It was really and Xciting day! Very interesting!

Sakhe –signing out

19.07.08 Woodstock, after visiting Team Sa members homes. This was fun!

Many many thanks ! Baaie Dankie ! – Nkosi ! to Alvin Kushner and Cape Rainbow Tours for sponsoring this event with one of your most comfortable coaches and Zuki – the most relaxed and spot on driver! You have given Team SA an opportunity to explore each others homes and hear some of their stories! Cape Town is home to many different worlds - there is far more to learn and to share! One thing is for sure, through their participation in the Tall Ships Race Claire, Shafeeqah, Valentino and Sakhe will come back with fresh eyes to put things in new perspectives. But let’s see what they have to say – watch this space. From now on the team’s logbook entries will be published on this blog!


Saturday, 14 June 2008

Preparation of Team SA kicked off!

Today Team SA 2008 met for the first preparation session – how inspiring and heart warming it was to see the pride and honour of all team members for being chosen this year!

Purpose of the meeting was to clarify the process from here, to agree on time frames for the preparation training and to hook trainees up with Facebook, where they will have a chance to meet other trainees sailing on the Christian Radich.

The preparation training – facilitated by Cape Windjammers - includes a team building process, training in computer and internet skills, log book and web log writing, presentation skills as well as photography and film making. As part of the process the team will also visit each others homes to get a deeper understanding of each others backgrounds. Special focus is also given to reflect on recent violent attacks on foreigners in South Africa, which have a very negative impact on the image of South Africa overseas. During the Tall Ships’ Race Team SA will work together with many youths from many different countries and they will have the chance to paint a different picture of the current situation in South Africa.

Says team member Claire Bouah: “I am proud of all of us for making it this far – and I hope and pray that it will have a positive influence on situations in South Africa – politically, racially, spiritually and economically. I feel we have already won – by crossing borders and breaking barriers!”

Team members also still have to pull their weight in assisting SASLA in raising additional funds to pay for flights and team wear. Right now, the funds raised so far pay for 3 team members only. Thank you to all of you who have supported us with your donations – you will hear from us soon to recognize your kind and generous contributions. However, some major work to raise the missing funds still needs to be done. Can you help?? Contact Antje Nahnsen or Patrick Fraser

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

SASLA proudly presents Team SA 2008!

Selected into Team SA 08 to represent their country in the Tall Ships' Race 2008 are 4 lucky and highly committed Capetonians:

Sakhekile Qoyi, 18, Delft
Valentino Scholtz, 17, Lotus River
Shafeeqah Salie, 25, Bokaap
Claire Bouah, 25, Fish Hoek

Indeed this was a tough decision to make by SASLA - all applicants, who made it to the final round of interviews, had their own unique set of skills and talents to contribute to the team and many of them attracted a substantial number of votes from the public. Altogether all candidates collected 241 votes through this web log, sms and email! Well done! However, the public votes were just one factor in the decision of the SASLA committee – eventually it was those candidates chosen, who demonstrated strongest commitment to the project over time, consistency in communication with us in the process, candidates potential to benefit from this unique experience in regard to the personal and professional development, their ability to represent South Africa in the youth exchange as well as their potential to contribute to SASLA to make Tall Ship sailing possible for other youths in the future. Well done Team SA 2008! We are looking forward to work with you on this project! Enjoy your journey!

While there was quite some disappointment on the side of those applicants who did not make it this year, they are not turned away empty-handed. SASLA and its member organisations are offering other sail-training projects to them, amongst them the local sail-training voyages offered by Cape Windjammers, a 6 months training opportunity on Dutch Barque Europa - the Tall Ship the Team SA sailed on during the Tall Ships’ Races in 2007.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Final Interview for Team SA

Yesterday was a stressful day for most of the applicants. The final interviews took place at the Royal Cape Yacht Club. The SASLA members came together to interview team SA applicants. Next week the final decision about team SA will be made.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Watch the 'The Journey' of Team SA 2007 now online!

You can check out the 'The Journey' , the video shot by Team SA during the Tall Ships' Race 2007 on Cape Windjammers Facebook group. Join the group now and stay in touch with people who have a passion for sailing. you can also stay updated about our latest news or have your say on our wall.

Hope we see you soon on Facebook!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Final Interview for Team SA

The big day has arrived. On 21 May 08 a final interview will be conducted with all Team SA 08 applicants, where they have the opportunity to convince the SASLA panel why they think that they are the most valuable members to the team.

SASLA members will then make a decision about the final team composition. SASLA’s decision is based on the original application and motivation statement, the interview as well as on our assessment of applicants’ performance in the process so far. Displayed commitment and communication is one crucial selection criteria. Your vote is of course another criteria. So keep on voting!

Right now we have raised funds to provide 2 full bursaries, and to support another trainee with 1/3 of a full bursary. We need another 20 000 Rand to provide another full bursary. Can you help? Then please go to the link below and make an online donation using your credit card or make a donation into our bank account. Any contribution however small it seems will be highly appreciated! Kindly email to Antje ( after you have made a donation, so we can acknowledge your contribution!

Friday, 02 May 2008

Team SA gathers on Argentinean Tall Ship ARA Libertad

On 1 May 08 all 14 Team SA candidates were invited by Cape Windjammers to visit Argentinean Tall Ship ARA Libertad, one of the fastest vessels in the world. Liaison Officer Captain Gustavo Diaz Duran made it possible that despite huge public interest and a long queue of people waiting to explore the majestic feel of a 102 m long traditional sail training vessel, our team could get a feeling for sail training on Tall Ships. They were guided by cadets of the Argentinean Navy and joined by about 70 family members, friends, supporters, interested donors and general friends of Cape Windjammers, the Cape Horners, the Jewish Maritime League and SASLA.