Wednesday, 30 July 2008

30. July 2008: Team SA Member Valentino on TV

You want to see Team SA member Valentino in action? Switch on to SABC 2 between 2:30 and 4 pm today, 30 July! He will be there together with Alex, sail trainer at Cape Windjammers, as well as Nadine and Lona, who were part of a recent local sail-training voyage with Cape Windjammers and would like to apply for the Tall Ships' Race project next year.
Don't miss it!


Getting all the work done!

26.7.2008, Cape Windjammers' Woodstock Offices: All my fans

The great team South Africa 2008 got the job done. We did our application for the Visa and we are ready to take it in this week. We are hoping for the best.

This Saturday we practiced our moves, what we will show the world. We looked at all the pictures that we took. This team has a positive influence on everyone. Just wait and C.

Valley – signing out

After having visited the home communities of team members last week, exploring where each team member started his or her voyage to the Tall Ships’ Race, today was again time to look into the future and to focus on preparations for the Race itself. Most importantly of all, all team members put together all the necessary documentation to received their Visa for the Netherlands. The team also started to manage the pictures that they have taken so far and put together pictures, as well as South African music and South African literature to be taken aboard the Chistian Radich to tease the taste buds of the international youths on board for a visit to South Africa. Much action and swinging floors accompanied the team’s practice of their contribution to a singing and dance competition on board. Hope the deck of the Christian Radich is more solid than the wooden floors at our office!


Saturday, 19 July 2008

All over the Show in KAPSTAD!

It is July 19th 2008, just after MADIBA’s birthday!

We met at Cape Windjammers offices at 9:30 am. The main concern for the day was to go into each others communities and find out about each others backgrounds so that we can understand one another.

We were joined by our bus driver Zuki from Cape Rainbow Tours who was driving us around “Die Kaap”, as well as Dennis, Cape Windjammers president, who – besides Team SA members took video footage of our tour. The Team SA crew comes from different parts of Cape Tw: we went to Fish Hoeck, Bo-Kaap and District Six, Lotus River and Gugulethu. (where I grew up and lived until two years ago). It was really and Xciting day! Very interesting!

Sakhe –signing out

19.07.08 Woodstock, after visiting Team Sa members homes. This was fun!

Many many thanks ! Baaie Dankie ! – Nkosi ! to Alvin Kushner and Cape Rainbow Tours for sponsoring this event with one of your most comfortable coaches and Zuki – the most relaxed and spot on driver! You have given Team SA an opportunity to explore each others homes and hear some of their stories! Cape Town is home to many different worlds - there is far more to learn and to share! One thing is for sure, through their participation in the Tall Ships Race Claire, Shafeeqah, Valentino and Sakhe will come back with fresh eyes to put things in new perspectives. But let’s see what they have to say – watch this space. From now on the team’s logbook entries will be published on this blog!