Saturday, 14 June 2008

Preparation of Team SA kicked off!

Today Team SA 2008 met for the first preparation session – how inspiring and heart warming it was to see the pride and honour of all team members for being chosen this year!

Purpose of the meeting was to clarify the process from here, to agree on time frames for the preparation training and to hook trainees up with Facebook, where they will have a chance to meet other trainees sailing on the Christian Radich.

The preparation training – facilitated by Cape Windjammers - includes a team building process, training in computer and internet skills, log book and web log writing, presentation skills as well as photography and film making. As part of the process the team will also visit each others homes to get a deeper understanding of each others backgrounds. Special focus is also given to reflect on recent violent attacks on foreigners in South Africa, which have a very negative impact on the image of South Africa overseas. During the Tall Ships’ Race Team SA will work together with many youths from many different countries and they will have the chance to paint a different picture of the current situation in South Africa.

Says team member Claire Bouah: “I am proud of all of us for making it this far – and I hope and pray that it will have a positive influence on situations in South Africa – politically, racially, spiritually and economically. I feel we have already won – by crossing borders and breaking barriers!”

Team members also still have to pull their weight in assisting SASLA in raising additional funds to pay for flights and team wear. Right now, the funds raised so far pay for 3 team members only. Thank you to all of you who have supported us with your donations – you will hear from us soon to recognize your kind and generous contributions. However, some major work to raise the missing funds still needs to be done. Can you help?? Contact Antje Nahnsen or Patrick Fraser

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

SASLA proudly presents Team SA 2008!

Selected into Team SA 08 to represent their country in the Tall Ships' Race 2008 are 4 lucky and highly committed Capetonians:

Sakhekile Qoyi, 18, Delft
Valentino Scholtz, 17, Lotus River
Shafeeqah Salie, 25, Bokaap
Claire Bouah, 25, Fish Hoek

Indeed this was a tough decision to make by SASLA - all applicants, who made it to the final round of interviews, had their own unique set of skills and talents to contribute to the team and many of them attracted a substantial number of votes from the public. Altogether all candidates collected 241 votes through this web log, sms and email! Well done! However, the public votes were just one factor in the decision of the SASLA committee – eventually it was those candidates chosen, who demonstrated strongest commitment to the project over time, consistency in communication with us in the process, candidates potential to benefit from this unique experience in regard to the personal and professional development, their ability to represent South Africa in the youth exchange as well as their potential to contribute to SASLA to make Tall Ship sailing possible for other youths in the future. Well done Team SA 2008! We are looking forward to work with you on this project! Enjoy your journey!

While there was quite some disappointment on the side of those applicants who did not make it this year, they are not turned away empty-handed. SASLA and its member organisations are offering other sail-training projects to them, amongst them the local sail-training voyages offered by Cape Windjammers, a 6 months training opportunity on Dutch Barque Europa - the Tall Ship the Team SA sailed on during the Tall Ships’ Races in 2007.