Tuesday, 02 December 2008

Cape Windjammers Programme Coordinator wins STI Sail Training Volunteer of the Year Award

Congratulations to Antje for having won the prestigious Sail Training International Sail Training Volunteer of the Year Award in her role as secretary of SASLA and Pprogamme coordinator of Cape Windjammers Education Trust. Says Nigel Rowe, chairman of Sail Training International: "Antje has spent an enormous amount of her personal time to promote sail-training in South Africa and has been the driving force behind making it possible for a group of young people to take part in the Tall Ships' Races 2007 and 2008, often working against considerable odds". The award weighs 15 kg (!!!) and needs to be shipped to South Africa, since Alvin, who received the award on Antje's behalf at the STI Conference in November could not hide it in his luggage. Says Antje: "This award came as a complete surprise, and I am very proud and honoured. However, my work would not have been possible without the hard work of the many other volunteers at SASLA and in particular Cape Windjammers. I hope that this award will help us to raise much more awareness for the benefits of sail-training in South Africa!"The picture features SASLA committee member Alvin Kushner when receiving the award at the STI International Confernce in Halifax, Cannada, November 2008. The award will be officially handed over to Antje at the SASLA public event in Arpril 2009.

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