Thursday, 22 May 2008

Final Interview for Team SA

Yesterday was a stressful day for most of the applicants. The final interviews took place at the Royal Cape Yacht Club. The SASLA members came together to interview team SA applicants. Next week the final decision about team SA will be made.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Watch the 'The Journey' of Team SA 2007 now online!

You can check out the 'The Journey' , the video shot by Team SA during the Tall Ships' Race 2007 on Cape Windjammers Facebook group. Join the group now and stay in touch with people who have a passion for sailing. you can also stay updated about our latest news or have your say on our wall.

Hope we see you soon on Facebook!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Final Interview for Team SA

The big day has arrived. On 21 May 08 a final interview will be conducted with all Team SA 08 applicants, where they have the opportunity to convince the SASLA panel why they think that they are the most valuable members to the team.

SASLA members will then make a decision about the final team composition. SASLA’s decision is based on the original application and motivation statement, the interview as well as on our assessment of applicants’ performance in the process so far. Displayed commitment and communication is one crucial selection criteria. Your vote is of course another criteria. So keep on voting!

Right now we have raised funds to provide 2 full bursaries, and to support another trainee with 1/3 of a full bursary. We need another 20 000 Rand to provide another full bursary. Can you help? Then please go to the link below and make an online donation using your credit card or make a donation into our bank account. Any contribution however small it seems will be highly appreciated! Kindly email to Antje ( after you have made a donation, so we can acknowledge your contribution!

Friday, 02 May 2008

Team SA gathers on Argentinean Tall Ship ARA Libertad

On 1 May 08 all 14 Team SA candidates were invited by Cape Windjammers to visit Argentinean Tall Ship ARA Libertad, one of the fastest vessels in the world. Liaison Officer Captain Gustavo Diaz Duran made it possible that despite huge public interest and a long queue of people waiting to explore the majestic feel of a 102 m long traditional sail training vessel, our team could get a feeling for sail training on Tall Ships. They were guided by cadets of the Argentinean Navy and joined by about 70 family members, friends, supporters, interested donors and general friends of Cape Windjammers, the Cape Horners, the Jewish Maritime League and SASLA.