Monday, 25 August 2008

TEAM SA back in the Mother City ...

Its been a long journey … Saturday, 23.08.08, at 21:27 pm Team SA landed in their home town … - and how was it?? What happened? That’s what we all want to know! All we do know at this stage is that their eyes were sparkling with pride, excitement and joy when greeting their families at the airport last night. …

… the return of Team SA to Cape Town is not the end of the project – but rather the beginning of the next step: On Sunday the follow up program starts, as part of which Team SA will reflect upon the Tall Ships’ Race and upon ways to use this experience for life. Team members will also support Cape Windjammers in editing photos, videos, and log entries which we will use to report back to all supporters. So, everyone, who is waiting on photos from Team SA, please be a little patient - we will start working on this on Sunday.

Team members will also pull their share to give back to SASLA, and to make this experience possible for other South African youths in the future. A number of activities are planned for this – so watch this space to be updated … from now on we will update this log once a week.

Speak to you soon with more stories from Team SA!


PS: Congratulations to Sakhe and his family: after more than two years of temporary housing they finally got the keys to their new house in Delft! - What a great suprise for Sakhe - his return to Cape Town could not have started better!

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